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 strives to be a premier provider in Nursing Education for Under Graduate Nursing Students with the Student First Policy through:

– Excellence in Nursing Education
– High standards of Nursing Care
– Development of Leadership Qualities
– Community partnership for Health and Developmental Activities
– Enhancement of Nursing Research activities


Lecture Halls: These are large classrooms with fixed seating and audiovisual equipment, such as projectors or smart boards. Lecture halls are used for larger classes and lectures conducted by professors or guest speakers.

Small Group Rooms: These rooms are designed to accommodate smaller groups of students for interactive discussions, group work, or case study analyses. They often include whiteboards, screens, and other collaborative tools to facilitate active learning.


Simulation Labs: Simulation labs are essential for nursing education, allowing students to practice and refine their clinical skills in a controlled environment. These labs may feature high-fidelity patient simulators, medical equipment, and realistic healthcare settings to simulate various scenarios encountered in nursing practice.

Skills Labs: Skills labs provide hands-on practice for nursing procedures and techniques. These labs typically have hospital-like setups with task trainers, manikins, and equipment to simulate clinical settings. Students can practice skills such as patient assessment, medication administration, wound care, and more.


Computer Labs: Computer labs equipped with computers and relevant software are valuable resources for nursing students. They provide access to electronic medical records, nursing research databases, simulation software, and other technology used in healthcare.

Multimedia and Audiovisual Resources: Classrooms may be equipped with multimedia capabilities, including projectors, screens, and audio systems, allowing instructors to incorporate visuals, videos, and interactive content into their lectures.


Ragging is a crime which destroys the physical and emotional confidence and it led to an increase in Suicide activities.

An act to prohibit “Ragging” in educational in the state of TamilNadu. The institution has established anti ragging committee under

  1. The Tamilnadu Prohibition of ragging Act 1997.
  2. It extends to the whole the state of Tamilnadu.
  3. It shall be demand to have come into force on the 19th day of December 1996.

Satisfied Students

What Alumni, Say “About College”

We respect the sense of community that exists within the College of Nursing, students. They value the chance to work together and gain knowledge from their peers, encouraging a friendly and cooperative learning atmosphere. The institution frequently plans social gatherings and extracurricular activities that give students the chance to interact, network, and form enduring relationships with other nursing students.


Many students also value the sense of community within the College of Nursing. They appreciate the opportunity to collaborate and learn from their peers,


The College of Nursing is frequently praised for its dedication to staying current with medical breakthroughs. The emphasis on evidence-based practise, technological integration, and interprofessional cooperation is valued by the students.


The college’s alumni network is also frequently recognised as a beneficial resource for students. The chance to network with accomplished alumni who may offer mentorship, advice, and future employment prospects is valued by many students.


Individual experiences may differ, and it’s vital to keep in mind that many pupils may have various viewpoints. To have a deeper grasp of the college and its offers, it is always a good idea to speak with current students or alumni personally.

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